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Packing Tips

Here is a list of items you may need for packing:  sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, tape, marking pens, sheets, blankets, towels, damp rid, and pallets or boards.    

Determine the best unit size for your needs.

Be sure to read the storage unit lease before signing it.

Be aware of your storage companies policy on moving out, paying the storage unit rent and other important information.

Rent the smallest storage unit for your needs.

When you are filling the unit, stack high and try to leave an aisle down the middle of your storage unit so that you can reach items stored in the back.

Stack your belongings on pallets, 2 x 4's, or other similar items to keep them off the cement floor.  We  maintain the units, however we cannot guarantee that water or snow will not get into your unit. Use caution when walking on pallets, etc.  

It is a good idea to have good air circulation by stacking your items away from the unit walls.

Properly pack your items in boxes.  Boxes or plastic containers stack better than bags or loose items.  Plastic is better than cardboard in keeping your items clean and dry.  You can get a lot more in your unit this way by stacking them.  Please stack carefully, you don't want boxes to fall on you when you are looking for something. 

Label your boxes on all sides and keep a master list so you can find items easily.  Fill boxes completely, without making them too heavy to lift. Stuff the empty spaces with packing paper to help prevent the boxes from collapsing.  Place lighter boxes on top of heavier ones.

It is best to place large boxes or other items you will not be using regularly, in the back of the storage unit.  Seal boxes to keep your items clean.  Covering your items with blankets, towels, or sheets will help keep dust on your belongings to a minimum.

If you are storing appliances, they should be thoroughly cleaned, dry, and stored with their doors ajar.  Your appliances can hold some of your smaller belongings. Boxes can be stacked on top of stoves, refrigerators and freezers to save space.

To help prevent rust, you should wipe all items with metallic surfaces with a rag containing a few drops of motor oil.  

Take the time to store dishes and glassware items properly.  Label boxes containing glass as fragile. Glass and pottery items should be wrapped individually.  Try to stand cups, bowls, plates, saucers, and platters on edge. Fill in the empty spaces with packing paper.  Store mirrors and windows on edge.

Whenever possible, stand sofas and mattresses on-end.  Disassemble beds and tables.  Keep upholstery off the floor of the storage unit.  Most lightweight chairs should be stacked or placed upside down on other furniture pieces which cannot be disassembled.  Use padding between furniture items to prevent scratching.

Don't assume that your home owner's policy will cover you.  Check with your insurance agent to be sure your items are covered.  If your policy does not cover you or you do not have a homeowner's insurance policy, then we recommend that you purchase a small policy.  Talk to your agent.

Do not place food items in storage units.  Everyone hates uninvited guests so please do not attract them.  One critter can cause a lot of damage.

Do not store plants or animals.  

Do not use printed newspaper for storage.  Printed newspaper can smudge and damage your items. 

Toxins, flammables, or illegal substances are PROHIBITED. Paint, paint thinners, gas, aerosol cans, hair spray, etc. They can rupture and damage your articles.

No handguns or rifles.  

Please help us keep everyone safe by draining all liquids from lawn mowers, power tools, containers, boats, rv's, etc.

Books:  Be sure that your books are clean and dust free.  Dirt can cause the books to deteriorate.  Pack your books together in a sturdy cardboard or plastic box.  Don’t pack books with other articles.  Place your books in the boxes laying flat.  

If you have a question about whether or not an item is safe for storage, please contact the storage facility manager.

Do not smoke or litter anywhere on the property of the storage facility.  No fireworks are allowed either in storage, or lighting them on site.

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